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Did you know that the Tax Return you prepare every year for the IRS is a Bill? Your Income Tax Return is also one of your Bills, the TAX Bill, and it is the largest output of your money EVERY YEAR.  Stop letting JUST ANYONE prepare your bill.  Get Your Tax Bill Prepared by an Accountant who can help you understand the expense and ensure you’re on top of it.  Get TAXPLUS365!


Are you looking to file your Current year or past Tax Return. We can certainly help you. If you want to know the best way to prepare to purchase a home we can help with that also. If you are in tax trouble or dealing with liens schedule an appointment with us.


We help our clients understand business tax deductions that apply to them, understand inventory methods and how it affects their taxes and so much more.


We provide a team approach to ensuring you have good and accurate numbers, are paying the least in taxes and building a profitable business.

Let Us Help You Get F.I.T.

Focus on the important matters related to running your business and your personal life while we handle the critical financial data and activity for you on the backend.


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About Us

Allow your Business to Speak through Understanding Number Outputs - Build Wealth Through Business

We are a Small Business Financial Advisory firm that provide eXpert Profit Management, Strategy, Accounting and Tax Resolution.   We Advise, Manage, and Create Profit Strategies to Achieve Your Company’s Vision.  In order to Focus on Profit, we first Automate the things in Business you have To” deal with, like Accounting and Taxes (Accountant 365 ©and TaxPLUS365 TM) and show you our system to help you achieve your ETA to “X”, AdviseMe365©. 

We know that Good Numbers is the ground for Growing Profit and a More than Good Accountant is a Trusted, Business Financial Advisor. 

We are More than Good Accountants, We are Business Financial Advisors who help you create a pathway to your Profit.

What We Do


We offer General Bookkeeping to Complex accounting assistance that allows management and business owners to make decisions about their business from the financial statements, which not only includes cash in-hand but accounts receivable (cash earned, but not received), accounts payable (cash due out, but not paid), pipeline(future cashflows not yet earned), expansion and increased working capital (cash reserves or line of credit needed to maintain and grow the business).


We provide Confidence. Banks, Governmental Agencies, Investors, and other external users of your financial information may request that a Certified Public Accountant Compile, Review, or Audit your businesses financial information. We will provide the confidence that your financial statements have been prepared in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).


We are accountants and business consultants that deliver Executive eXperience, Strategy, and Solutions to your business. Many businesses hire consultants to provide a unique perspective and assist with the execution of Management's vision. Our goal as Trusted Advisor is to give the advantage over competition, identify hidden value in the business model, eliminate deficiencies, and ensure execution of business plans that aid growth.


We make the complex simple. We not only prepare Individual and Business tax returns, we take pride in our client's understanding of their taxes and we solve tax problems. We provide tax resolution services, including IRS audit representation, offer and compromise, back-filings, and installment agreement negotiations. In addition, we assist businesses with compliance with State sales, use, employment, and income tax filings.

Industries We Serve

Every industry is unique. Each has its own set of codes and regulations that present potential challenges to business owners. eXfinancial serves a wide range of industries with experience specific to each. Whether your company is a small non-profit or operates on a global scale, we provide the services and solutions that help you reach your goals and objectives.

We tailor our services to meet your specific needs and build a team of professionals with senior-level experience in your industry. Our professionals also attend conferences, seminars, and read the journals that address the issues and challenges specific to certain industries to maintain industry knowledge.

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