What We Offer:  AdviseMe365 

We help growing Small Businesses and Solopreneurs structure and strategize to increase their profits and reduce their taxes.

We provide Corporate level financial-based advisory services

  • Tax Strategies (legal application of tax reduction strategies to minimize taxable income)
  • Bookkeeping (capturing/entering the information)
  • Accounting (organizing and reporting the information)
  • Due diligent services (inspect and evaluate your financials to advise how to best optimize your profit, reduce costs and drive growth)

Everything business system and principle you need to have to result in the Business you and someone will WANT. 

Accounting Advisory is separate from Tax Advisory, Tax Preparation, Accounting, and Bookkeeping and is for business owners

  1. Who have a Profit Goal. 
  2. Want to build a successful business
  3. Want to exit out of their business at the end of the day
  4. Want to build a business of value 
  5. Don’t want worries about the IRS 
  6. Desire a tax strategy 
  7. Don’t want tax surprises 
  8. Value the knowledge of what to do, but don’t have time to implement 
  9. Will trust us to implement 
  10. Want a proper accounting system that works for them and not just the IRS 
  11. Want their accounting done on auto pilot
  12. Want their books in the right order and don’t necessarily want to do it 
  13. Looking for a real accountant, not a just Tax Preparer, Bookkeeper, Financial Planner, or Family Wealth Advisor.

We focus on helping you build wealth THROUGH YOUR BUSINESS.  

We are not your wealth advisor who will tell you where to put your 401k, how to invest in the stock market, what insurance to buy… we can lead you in the right direction, but we prefer to stay in our lane, which is helping you build and maintain a GREAT BUSINESS that someone will want besides you.  

We want you to allow us to advise you THROUGH YOUR BUSINESS.  

We speak numbers, your business only speaks numbers; let us help your business and you speak the same language.