For Entrepreneurs: Buying a Home

What the Seller is Thinking and How to Win the Bid as an Entrepreneur. Buying a Home is Not Easy for an Entrepreneur. This eXpert Advice is For Entrepreneurs: Buying a Home – Who Want to Know What the Seller is Thinking and How to Win the Bid? We have the Secrets to What Sellers […]

How Wealth Producers Buy Toys Differently for Their Kids

How Wealth Producers Buy Toys Differently for their Kids (REPLAY) Wealth Producers Buy Toys Differently The difference between the Haves and the Have Nots is, they buy toys differently. How to position, leverage and build wealth through business, through Generations What if I told you that Wealth is NOT in YOUR BANK account… Wealth is […]

Entrepreneurs Raising Private Capital, What you Need to Know!

Raising capital as an Entrepreneur is different than what you need to know! Raising Capital for your business requires a special formula, especially for Entrepreneurs. Today I interview, former M&A Accountant, my Buddy who has now turned into a Tech Entrepreneur, Mr. David Hailey. Davis is the CEO of Countifi an inventory management company for […]

Want BANKER Secrets to Business Owner Loan Approval

Banker Secrets that Help Entrepreneurs get Bank Loans. We talk to an eXpert former Business Banker today on how to get your loan approved EVEN if you have a Bankruptcy on your credit. @Lakesha Johnson and I helped get an Entrepreneur with unattractive credit, Bank ️ Love This one you don’t want to miss. You […]

Dollars that Grow

We talk to Jamaury Norris Author of Healthy Wealth and Healthy Wealth 101 the Keys to Building Generational Wealth in 10 years Join us live for THIS CONVERSATION or go to my to Watch the Replay and Join me on the next Pocket More Profit Bootcamp. Jamaury just might be there… For more conversation know that […]

Turning Your Passion to be Healthier and Wealthier into a Business

How Choosing Sea Moss made Plantbased Jeff Healthier and Wealthier, Blessed him TWICE Every Entrepreneur has a story and Jeff Austin, aka Plantbased Jeff is no different. His difference is that his business changed his life TWICE! Sea Moss Boss, Jeff Austin has lost over 50 lbs on a Sea Moss diet. He fell in […]

Video: 3 Ways to Beat the IRS Tax Deadline and Save on Your Taxes

3 Ways You Can Beat the Tax Deadline and Save on Your Taxes  This week we filed tax extensions for S-Corporations and Partnership LLCs.  We are now heading toward the NEXT Tax Deadline, which is TUESDAY, April 18, 2022, about 30 days from today.   While the March 15th Deadline was not for everyone. The APRIL […]

The Tax Deadline is Coming: Make a Decision or Pay the Consequence for Not Deciding

Make a Decision or Pay the Consequence for NOT deciding… 7 actions to help you avoid interest, penalties, and tax problems with the IRS or State. Let’s start with some Poetry for Entrepreneurs and Doers, written by Spiceda Jackson Decisions follow us throughout each Day,  Some come with consequences that you must Pay Today I want […]

It Takes 2 to Make Your Money Go Right

Money money money makes most of our worlds go around comfortably.  Most people work for their money, while others choose to earn their money passively. We call these people the Tommy’s of the world, but the savvy like to earn their money both ways:  active and passive.  Active income is Income you actively work for, […]