Million Dollar Hit Business Secrets

What do you think makes a MILLION DOLLAR BUSINESS HIT? I interviewed Lorenzo Wyche this morning Million$ Hit Maker for many Restaurant Brands and he had a strong piece of advice that I want to share because I know it will help ENTREPRENEURS and ANYOONE who is trying to reach a goal >>>> GET THERE […]

Video: 3 Ways to Beat the IRS Tax Deadline and Save on Your Taxes

3 Ways You Can Beat the Tax Deadline and Save on Your Taxes  This week we filed tax extensions for S-Corporations and Partnership LLCs.  We are now heading toward the NEXT Tax Deadline, which is TUESDAY, April 18, 2022, about 30 days from today.   While the March 15th Deadline was not for everyone. The APRIL […]

Katrina Kiselinchev from “The Apprentice” joins eXfinancial

Katrina Kiselinchev – CPA MBA, CFE, CFF, CIA has partnered with eXFinancial, Inc. Certified Public Accountants as a Forensic Audit, Strategy, and Business Plan Specialist and Advisor. Ms. Kiselinchev is a Texas Certified Public Accountant, Founder and CEO of Inclusivitie. She has extensive experience in consulting, project management, finance, accounting, and marketing. She graduated from Sam Houston State […]

Spiceda Davis is featured speaker at Georgia State function

eXFinancial, Inc. was invited to participate in the Accounting Boot Camp hosted by Beta Alpha Psi Accounting students at Georgia State University J. Mack Robinson College of Business. Our CEO, Spiceda Davis, CPA exposed students to non-traditional roles in public accounting transitioning from audit to advisory. Davis has worked in public accounting for thirteen years providing […]

Spiceda Davis panelist for Atlanta Women in Accounting

eXFinancial, Inc. CEO, Spiceda Davis, CPA was a panelist at the Atlanta Women in Accounting Conference hosted by Atlanta Women Society of CPAs (AWSCPA) and Georgia State University J.Mack Robinson College of Business on November 12, 2010. She was joined on the panel by other women Certified Public Accountants, shared her experience as a manager in […]

I have the best job in America!

I love the flexibility of being a CPA — you can work in a corporate environment, a small firm, or start your own business. I started my own company during the recession and next year I’ll make more money than I did at my last salaried job. Click Here to Read The Full Article…