5 Reasons an Entrepreneur should Buy a Car

5 Reasons an Entrepreneur should Buy a Car This could be You TODAY️️ Call the Accountant ya Love️ But HAVE You️ Even Hired an Accountant that understand YOU and KNOW the Tax code that applies to YOU

Life is Taxed

Life is Taxed – Make Sure You are NOT Ignoring it and OVERPAYING in Taxes It is Tax Time all the time. ⚫️ Black Friday 🦃Thanksgiving 🖥Cyber Monday 💞Giving Tuesday 🎄Christmas Shopping 🎄 Christmas Day (maybe), AND the Day 6 days after Christmas DECEMBER 26, 27, 28, 29, 20, 31 ARE the final days of […]

Let’s Focus on the REAL DUE DATE and Income Tax Bill

Let’s Focus on the REAL DUE DATE and Income Tax Bill due 12/31. Get April 15th Out of Your Head and Focus on the Real Due Date that is JUST DAYS AWAY. The 4th Quarter Year End Finish Line is near, forget about April 15th. Join me LIVE or if you are seeing this post […]

Cashflow is King Even When you Become a Billionaire

Cashflow is still King Even When You’re Sitting on Top of the World. Lessons I pulled from listening to a conversation with Mathew Knowles (Beyoncé’s Dad and JayZ’s Father in Law) I will share with you clips I captured from my phone during the conversation with you. You can Follow me across social media and […]

My Conversation with Matthew Knowles

This a a LIVE conversation, but if you miss me LIVE because you are working… I will be back tomorrow morning. You can Follow me across social media and set your notifications to be notified when I go LIVE under “Spiceda Jackson ” You can also hear MORE about the WEALTH I gained from experiencing […]

Don’t Lose Money Because You’re Too Business

The X Things that Stop Your Money from Growing and Keep People Working. There are Many Things that Make Money Grow. And there things that make Money Go Slow or GROW SLOW. This Morning I was thinking about how simple things have costs and caused some people to lose money or waste money. A simple […]

Never Be Too Busy to Mind Your Money Honey

Never Be Too Busy to Mind Your Money Honey or end up like FAT JOE.  An Accountant’s job is to help you build a money system that monitors your income, spending, assets, liabilities and tax bills. Most people limit their thinking around accounting and the accounting relationship because they believe that an Accountant’s job is […]

Wealth Has to HAVE a Plan

Wealth has a System, the system has Tools and the Tools Produce a Lifestyle. If you don’t apply the proper system or no system and use the tools; you may find yourself a Rich Wonder. What is a Rich Wonder? The definition of Rich Wonder A Rich Wonder? Is a person who found themselves in […]

They Asked the CPA – and She Answered!

It’s the End of the Year officially Tomorrow and TODAY is 4th Quarter kick-off! Click to Watch LIVE or REPLAY to Learn and get Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions This Year: They Asked the CPA – Get the Answers that Saved them Thousands Answers that Saved Others Thousands and Can Save you TOO! […]

You May Not Have Gotten An Inheritance

You May Not have Gotten an Inheritance but will your Children? Kelvin Dickers is a Generational Wealth Coach and Founder of Smart Parent Wealthier Kids with his Wife Edwina. We will talk with Kelvin about the Wealth System we need to establish and can easily establish for our children. We can create kids with true […]