Wealth Has a Plan, System and Tools

Wealth has a System, the system has Tools and the Tools Produce a Lifestyle. If you don’t apply the proper system or no system and use the tools; you may find yourself a Rich Wonder. What is a Rich Wonder? The definition of Rich Wonder A Rich Wonder? Is a person who found themselves in […]

Don’t Take Bad Tax Advice, Ask Wesley Snipes…

People Always tell me that “they don’t want to go jail” so they are trying to get their taxes right. Well in order to actually be arrested to go to jail you must be a criminal mind regarding taxes and most people don’t really understand taxes well enough to commit a crime against the government. […]

Why People Who Have Wealth, Have an Accountant Advisor…

An Accountant is a Wealthy Have[it]. What is a Wealthy Have[it]? It is a wealthy habit that people with wealth of time, money, and freedom have that we as business owners should possess also. In this series, I am going to discuss how A GOOD / GREATE accountant helps their clients be a Have. This […]

Wealthy Have(its) Podcast

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