Small Business CEO Guides Other Businesses Through the Negative Impacts of the Global Pandemic

Businesses have been having a difficult time staying afloat amid the negative impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has ravaged financial industries everywhere. Fortunately, companies like eXFinancial have been helping other companies survive by providing structure and strategy that keep them profitable and heading in the right direction which can result in a business that lasts 100+ years. 

Founder and CEO of eXfinancial (also known as TaxPLUS365), Spiceda Jackson, knows the struggles of keeping a business afloat in the middle of a global financial crisis. After all, eXfinancial was born under the same conditions, yet the team behind the organization has discovered the secret formula to a successful business no matter the financial condition of the economy. 

“I started this company during the recession of 2009 and have been in business now and survived the pandemic of 2020 and we will survive whatever happens after this year with the single goal to bring every one of our small business clients with us; because we believe that a business should not close their doors empty handed, but sell at the end of the day.  Business owners work hard in their businesses and when they no longer want to work in the business they should be able to sell shares or sell-out, it’s as simple as that.  With that in mind, small businesses should not be worrying about “are we” going to exist after this pandemic, they should have the confidence that they will exist and should be creating strategy around how they will look on the other side of this crisis, the  pandemic of 2020,” says Spiceda Jackson. “Each crisis has provided us the opportunity to grow, which we have taken advantage of.” 

eXFinancial started as a non-traditional certified public accounting firm with small businesses as their target, because Spiceda Jackson, the company’s founder, was a CPA who worked on merger and acquisition deals and specialized in complex financial statements and business advisory services.  She simply wanted to offer Big 4 CPA firm advisory to small businesses, but quickly learned that before providing advice that would grow a small business, she first had to help them properly structure their entity, tax, and accounting, which she calls her ETA2X system®. After 28 years in her profession, 12 of which she has been a small business owner servicing small businesses, Spiceda has developed a tried and tested strategy that has helped many clients.  She has recently taken her advice to social media to help more small businesses get a financial breather in these troubling times. In a time where most companies face bankruptcy,  Spiceda Jackson is here to provide better ways to navigate the ongoing global crisis for other businesses, through her TaxPLUS365 product, systems and Advisory approach.

She is a seasoned business financial advisory accountant, Mompreneur, wife, author, and speaker who is extremely passionate about helping small businesses increase their profits, streamline expenses and reduce their taxes, allowing them to grow in spite of a financial panic.  “We preach that numbers is the language of business and believe that as long as you function in your business through the numbers, you will achieve success; and the solution to the pandemic is strengthening small businesses, which are at the foundation of our country,” says Spiceda.  

The firm’s belief system states that “We believe that small business is the heart of community and when small business thrive, community thrive and when communities thrive people and families thrive, and when families thrie you have generational wealth”, which is the ultimate goal for a business, per Spiceda who pushes this message and belief through her learning platforms, one of which is . Her firm, a Main Street USA business, is located in downtown historic College Park, GA and has a trustworthy team of expert accountants and consultants that help small business owners structure and strategize to maintain and manage profits while ensuring they are reinvesting those profits for growth and reducing their taxes just like larger companies. 

No other company has managed to provide top-quality services that ensure the success of business owners in these troubling times. eXFinancial stands firm on its promise of high-quality services as it continues to inspire other businesses to thrive and grow no matter the circumstances.

Spiceda Jackson envisions an even brighter future for her company. Her plans include eXFinancial being the source of small business know-how, growth strategy, best practices, and top of mind for every solo-preneur or small business seeking trusted professional advice to grow their business. With Spiceda at the helm of eXFinancial dba TaxPLUS365, success is sure to come to the company and to all of its clients.

The company is forming collaborations with some larger financial service providers coming soon. With that, eXFinancial isn’t seeing any signs of stopping or slowing down any time soon. The accounting firm has a burning passion for helping small business owners, most especially women and minorities, being that Spiceda is both.  

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