Spiceda Jackson, Small Business Owner and CEO of eXFinancial, is Helping to Crisis-Proof Companies Amid the Pandemic Through Proven Business Financial Principles

ATLANTA, GA / ACCESSWIRE / December 26, 2020 / The COVID-19 pandemic has put many companies and small businesses in a tight financial situation. Amid the economic onslaught, small business strategists like Spiceda Jackson have been supporting companies to help them survive and even thrive during this crisis. Through these unprecedented times, she has led her accounting and business financial advisory firm in providing services to businesses that properly channel cash flow in the right direction and help them make business decisions that will create longevity beyond crisis.

Her Company, eXFinancial Inc dba TaxPLUS365, helps solopreneurs and small businesses strategize and structure to increase their profits and reduce their taxes. The company is best known in the marketplace as TaxPLUS365. It is their belief that there is no such thing as tax time; tax time happens each time a business nets a profit.

Spiceda is no stranger to small business or entrepreneurship. Her journey began when she worked many years in public accounting at Big 4 firms before launching eXFinancial (dba TaxPLUS365). TaxPLUS365 was started out of her heart to provide small business owners access to professionals with business advisory expertise in both accounting and tax know-how. The firm is located next to the world’s busiest airport, Hartsfield Jackson International, in Downtown College Park, GA. Amid the pandemic, where most companies faced bankruptcy and closures, eXFinancial has deployed a strategy that has helped many clients experience better financial leeway in challenging times.

Spiceda has always intended for her firm to be an Accounting Advisory firm, but early on learned that her firm could not serve small businesses without first meeting their need to file taxes and keep good books. She also has a deep understanding that businesses need more than bookkeeping and tax preparation, there is a successful business formula that triumphs over hardships. As a company born in the middle of a financial crisis, eXFinancial knows what it’s like to be in business during tough economic times. Moreover, Spiceda and her team have proven that you can start a business and have a successful business amidst financial crises. “I started the company during the recession of 2009 and know that businesses can thrive even during tough economic times when they have what I call the E.T.A structure,” shares eXFinancial founder and owner, Spiceda Jackson. “Each crisis has provided us the opportunity to grow, which we have chosen to seize the moment and look at business challenges as opportunities for improvement.”

Today, she takes the opportunities and lessons learned to help her clients grow and scale in times of financial famine. Spiceda brings twelve years of experience as an entrepreneur plus prior years of experience working at a big 4 accounting firm as an Advisory Accountant specialist performing financial statement audits, carve-outs, mergers, acquisitions, and business purchase advisory services. She now specializes in helping her clients increase their bottom line and grow wealth through business. She even offers her secrets to business small business owners through case study videos, which can be found at www.BuildWealthThroughBusiness.com. The Business Financial expert, author, and speaker’s greatest passion is helping small businesses increase profits, increase their assets and reduce taxes which not only allow them the breathing space needed to continue operating their businesses; but allows them to sell out vs burn-out of their businesses when they are ready to call it quits.

eXFinancial stands on an unwavering principle with their motto being, “Numbers are the language of business.” The firm helps busy and growing small business owners structure and strategize to maintain and manage their businesses for optimal profit and minimal expense. In these trying times, the company has provided above-and-beyond services to ensure that business owners find the light at the end of the tunnel. Through their advisory services, eXFinancial delivers advice and inspires business owners to press forward in growing their business.

Behind eXFinancial’s strong company optimism for small businesses, Spiceda Jackson continues to dream big for her own company, seeking to grow her business and create an exponential momentum for her company and team. That drive, Spiceda believes, becomes contagious energy that has helped other businesses stay afloat and even grow. “I hope to also teach other Accountants how to best support their clients, because numbers are not just Accounting, it is THE language of business… the typical Accountant can get stuck with the not so sexy parts, but knowing your numbers on the front and back-end make it a part of the successful formula” says Spiceda.

eXFinancial’s greater calling is to champion small businesses. It is a part of their company mission and belief system, which is “Small Business is the heart of community, and when small businesses thrive, communities thrive and when communities thrive, families thrive.” This belief has fueled them to push harder during these trying times to provide not only top-notch accounting services, but fortune 500 advisory to every small business they come in contact with.

To learn more about eXFinancial Inc, TaxPLUS365 services, check out its website or follow Spiceda on social media. You can even grab their FREE gift for small businesses at www.BuildWealthThroughBusiness.com.

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