The Tax Deadline is Coming: Make a Decision or Pay the Consequence for Not Deciding

Make a Decision or Pay the Consequence for NOT deciding… 7 actions to help you avoid interest, penalties, and tax problems with the IRS or State. Let’s start with some Poetry for Entrepreneurs and Doers, written by Spiceda Jackson Decisions follow us throughout each Day,  Some come with consequences that you must Pay Today I want […]

Video: What You Need to Know to Apply for Business Loan as an Entrepreneur

Money and Profit do not automatically mean sba bank loan approval

Dear Business Owner – Entrepreneur,  A profitable business IS NOT automatically granted a business loan or access to capital.  Often businesses that make money, meaning money in the bank cannot qualify for a business loan from the SBA or even get a non-SBA business credit.  So today we’re going to discuss what you need to know […]