The Tax Deadline is Coming: Make a Decision or Pay the Consequence for Not Deciding

Make a Decision or Pay the Consequence for NOT deciding… 7 actions to help you avoid interest, penalties, and tax problems with the IRS or State.

Let’s start with some Poetry for Entrepreneurs and Doers, written by Spiceda Jackson

Decisions follow us throughout each Day, 

Some come with consequences that you must Pay

Today I want to tell you about the Decision you must make for you 

Are your BUSINESS taxes done? 

Is your Accounting done through and through? 

Because taxes are DUE, Don’t Late 

And suffer penalties because you Decided to Procrastinate.  

TUESDAY, March 15th, 2022… is the TAX DEADLINE 

The 2nd Tuesday after March 1st, is Coming

So here’s what I have for you, after the special Two, Twosday (Tuesday 2.22.2022)

A 2nd, Second Chance! Not to Be Late in Filing Your Tax Return. 

We will File an Extension for Any Business Owner for BOTH their business and personal tax return for $200 and do a quick paper or discovery call analysis to determine if you should make an estimated tax payment to help you avoid Failure to Pay penalties, the filing fee for failing to pay your taxes on time.  

Today!  I want to help Entrepreneurs Pocket More Profit, that means keep and use more of your profit to grow more revenue to reach your limitless life, by teaching you HOW to AVOID fees, penalties, interest and PROBLEMS with the IRS.  I only have ONE big tip and 7 sub-tips as an alternative way to execute my ONE big tip: Never avoid the IRS, it will cost you more money in the end and simply why pay double, because you thought you were avoiding trouble.  

  1. Don’t AVOID the IRS
    1. File Your Taxes on Time
    2. File an extension 
    3. Make Estimated Tax Payments or Create Estimated Reserves 
    4. Open Tax Notices 
    5. Set Up Payment Agreements  
    6. Call to Make Other Arrangements 
    7. Get an ACCOUNTANT that can give you a TAX Solution and not just help you plan to pay or prepare your taxes to file and cut your check for your percentage or contribution to grow the world around us.  Shameless plug, 

You know there is a saying when you are FLYING on the airplane and I think the same is true in business.  In the event of an EMERGENCY landing or plane descend

#1.   Secure your Mask  

#2.   Then Assist the Person Next to You 

In business… 

#1.  Secure Your Funds First (establish gross profit, pay operating cost like pay your lights, needed payroll, etc)

#2.  Then Pay Your Debtors (loans, taxes, etc)

I’m simply trying to say, fund your business first, so you can stay in business, before you fund the business of others.  Keep your cash flowing and don’t incur unnecessary fees or cost using avoidance tactics.  Bills don’t disappear just because you turn your head and don’t look at them or you try to avoid the knowledge of their existence.  The IRS hates the answer, “I didn’t know”. It’s not a valid reason, it’s an excuse.  Excuses are tools of incompetence… and I know you are a very competent, a high achiever. 

In summary, 

Secure your Mask  = Secure your Funds First 

Then Assist the Person Next to You =  Pay Yourself First, then Pay Your Debt 

Lean in for me, wipe your glasses off, so I can give you a FRESH perspective about paying taxes.

What is Tax Debt?  Tax Debt is the percentage (%) of your Net Income or Net Profit that you OWE to the Federal or State Government 

What is Tax Contribution?  Tax is your contribution to the world around you.  Like a Homeowners Association Fee, School Tuition, Betterness Fee, Management Fee to ensure when you walk through the land it’s comfortable and suitable for the king or queen that you are.  

However you see it, Tax Debt or Tax Contribution, it is a percentage of your profit that you share.  

Don’t over share because you need a large percentage of your income to grow out of your business or sell out of your business, so you don’t burn-out to your detriment.  We want you to apply the tips above.  We are here to help you create balance in your business.  We want you to get your BUSINESS F.I.T.  or the Tax Preparation and Resolve you need if you face tax problems or just want to work with an Accountant / CPA or Tax Professional that does this professionally and can show how you can better use your money and pay your fair share.  To find out more or to get started working with us go to or book a get started call at  I would love the opportunity to work with you as your business grows.  For tax Preparation, we have a link on our site for you to book your appointment, pay the deposit, and we will send you the avenue for us to get your taxes turned around. 

Again, this is a reminder that tax time is NOW.  

Make a Decision that YOU WILL not over-contribute your fair share with late fees, penalties, and bad accounting.  File an extension to get your numbers right and to just be in a better place to accurately report your taxable income.  

Get started now with an extension, go to 

Avoid Business Financial And Tax Problems