Travel Tips to Tulum and Wealthy Habits Talk

Travel Deductions for Your Trip to Tulum
or Business Travel Anywhere

Entrepreneurs have options with their money.  

You can choose to SPEND your money in places for it to RETURN back to you or in EXCHANGE for a desire. Think about your last cash outflows from your business bank account.  

Was it money spent toward growth or desire?  

I am pausing in my “ENTREPRENEUR Fine’Nanced – How to Get Homes, Assets and More using Seed Money” series.  I have spoken to a host of experts who have given great knowledge and tools in the past few episodes.  Some of which, who will be with me in Tulum, MX October 7-10 for the Wealth and Wellness Experiences.  

There I will be teaching FINANCIAL STRATEGY and tax knows of the Wealthy.  

Before you PACK for TULUM there are tax tips (I want you to stack away in your mind and act on)  that will help you save MONEY on your taxes (and pocket more profit).  In this episode, if you missed it, I explored TRAVEL as a RETURN not a DESIRE.

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