Wealth Investing in Homes in spite of a Tight Real Estate Market

The Best Strategies to purchase residential property with top real estate agent and assocciate Kenya Edwards of the Kenya Edwards Group LLC.  

One of the safest assets you can purchase to build wealth is real estate, in my opinion.  I rest this belief on the fact that real estate appreciates over time and land value does not depreciate because God isn’t making anymore land; therefore land value holds and in most cases appreciates over time.  

It is no secret that the real estate market has been tough if you have been in it to buy a home, buy a building exchange 

The real estate market has been tough for buyers and investors clamoring to get an asset under their belt from competing for properties with cash buyers and international big pockets.  

We talk to Kenya Edwards owner of the Kenya Edwards Group LLC, which broker real estate deals including buying, selling and leasing properties.  The Company specializes in knowing the current home market trends to provide knowledge and expertise to their clients.

Spiceda and Kenya have Business Convos and Coffee about Building Real Estate Assets to Hold…. 

  • How to Choose the Best Home 
  • Best Practices to get Buy a Home in 2022 
  • Competing in the real estate market with Cash Buyers 
  • When a 1031 exchange is the best tax strategy 
  • What are the taxes on selling your home or other property 

We are here to share Entrepreneurship and Buying homes and real estate while entrepreneurs.  Building Wealth through Real Estate Tips to Help you Secure a Home and Property.  

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