What We Offer: Accountant365 

We are a Business financial strategy and advisory firm.   

Our focus is working with Business Decision-makers who know the value and benefits of knowing their 

  • Front-Office numbers, 
  • Back-Office numbers and 
  • All the numbers in the middle.  

Accounting has gotten a bad reputation.  And to be frank we know why… 

Most business owners and people don’t truly know an accountant when they see one, think all accountants do is just their taxes and bookkeeping, which they don’t, and that all accountants are created equally.  

Among the other two popular professions, doctors and lawyers, the public seem to understand that they shouldn’t have their general practitioner perform heart surgery or a business attorney to file their divorce.  Within each of those professions, it is more common knowledge that every doctor and lawyer doesn’t do the same thing.  

It is also common knowledge that there is expertise, experience levels and varying exposure across the professionals.  

Well we stand-tall on our soapbox to shout this fact, 

  • All Accountants don’t do taxes, 
  • All Accountants don’t do accounting, 
  • Bookkeepers do do accounting, 
  • Tax Preparers don’t do Bookkeeping, 
  • and you have to have an Accounting degree FIRST and foremost to be an Accountant.  

Although, when you work with us you will have access to all of the above, even a CPA, we stand out from the rest because we have all those skills PLUS, we are Business Financial Advisors.  

This means we focus only on the numbers of your BUSINESS to help you profit and build a business that lives through generations.  

Let us help you: 

  • Understand how to turn your profit-up in your business 
  • Control the cost 
  • Analyze the detail of your cash receipt, cash disbursements, and inventory 
  • Perform vendor vs. employee analysis 
  • Review your merchant service cost 
  • Monitor your vendor spending 
  • Inventory your apps and their usefulness 
  • Manage your business through the numbers you care about:  Sales and Cost