Let’s Focus on the REAL DUE DATE and Income Tax Bill

Let’s Focus on the REAL DUE DATE and Income Tax Bill due 12/31. Get April 15th Out of Your Head and Focus on the Real Due Date that is JUST DAYS AWAY. The 4th Quarter Year End Finish Line is near, forget about April 15th. Join me LIVE or if you are seeing this post […]

Travel Tips to Tulum and Wealthy Habits Talk

Travel Deductions for Your Trip to Tulumor Business Travel Anywhere… Entrepreneurs have options with their money.   You can choose to SPEND your money in places for it to RETURN back to you or in EXCHANGE for a desire. Think about your last cash outflows from your business bank account.   Was it money spent toward growth […]

Wealth Investing in Homes in spite of a Tight Real Estate Market

The Best Strategies to purchase residential property with top real estate agent and assocciate Kenya Edwards of the Kenya Edwards Group LLC.   One of the safest assets you can purchase to build wealth is real estate, in my opinion.  I rest this belief on the fact that real estate appreciates over time and land value […]

Dollars that Grow

We talk to Jamaury Norris Author of Healthy Wealth and Healthy Wealth 101 the Keys to Building Generational Wealth in 10 years Join us live for THIS CONVERSATION or go to my Linktr.ee/Spiceda to Watch the Replay and Join me on the next Pocket More Profit Bootcamp. Jamaury just might be there… For more conversation know that […]

Turning Your Passion to be Healthier and Wealthier into a Business

How Choosing Sea Moss made Plantbased Jeff Healthier and Wealthier, Blessed him TWICE Every Entrepreneur has a story and Jeff Austin, aka Plantbased Jeff is no different. His difference is that his business changed his life TWICE! Sea Moss Boss, Jeff Austin has lost over 50 lbs on a Sea Moss diet. He fell in […]

Spiceda Davis is featured speaker at Georgia State function

eXFinancial, Inc. was invited to participate in the Accounting Boot Camp hosted by Beta Alpha Psi Accounting students at Georgia State University J. Mack Robinson College of Business. Our CEO, Spiceda Davis, CPA exposed students to non-traditional roles in public accounting transitioning from audit to advisory. Davis has worked in public accounting for thirteen years providing […]