College Success with No Debt a Moment with Kantis Simmons College Success Motivator Speaker, Author and Rocket Scientist

Wealthy Have(its)™ for Wealthier Kids

Wealth is in your Mind, So Grab the top 3 tips to create wealthy habits for your Kids.

What is the Formula for Debt-Free College? Per Kantis Simmons, well-sought after student Success Coach, Author, Rocket Scientist and eXperienced student with over 25 years of free education, the for Formula for College Success with No DEBT is GM +OM + YM.  Let me give you a hint, the “M” stands for Money.

Kantis has written books, lectured to schools, built curriculums, and equipped educators, students and parents with the keys to Success in and out of school.  His first book How to Play Your A-game has helped thousands of students improve in school.  

Kantis inspires students and Educators to aim higher.  He joined me,  Spiceda Jackson Founder and Chief Entrepreneur Advisory Accountant for my Wealthy Have(its)™ podcast and weekly show Business Convos and Coffee on Facebook where he shared knowledge that will help students attend college debt free. These are the three wealthy Habits for Students recommended that would create an entryway for students to experience college debt free.  Kantis also recommended starting these habits at any age.  

3 Wealthy Have(its)™ … for attend College Free and experience Post-College Debt Freedom 

The Top 3 WEALTHY Habits for Students: Get Good Grades Develop Good Study Habits Build a Study Chamber 
#1 Get Good Grades — #2 Develop Good Study Habits — #3 Build a Study Chamber

#1 Get Good Grades.  Good grades are akin to good marketing, Kantis expressed.  There are no college recruiters scouting schools for good students, like they scout for great athletes.  The evidence of great students is in their grades and great students are eligible for free money and scholarships for school.   Kantis said, no one likes an ugly trucks and students with bad grades are like that old ugly truck no one is desiring. Good grades attract free money and allow you the option to repel student loan debt.  

President Joe Biden recently announced that his administration will be offering Student Loan Foregiveness and Student Loan Relief to Americans.  To read the full White House announcement go to

Our goal is to help students enter and exit college DEBT-FREE; and we are grateful for leaders like Kantis Simmons who offer resources to make College Debt Freedom not only a possibility, but a reality.  

#2 Develop Good Study Habits.  Good study habits is WEALTH, I derived from my conversation with Kantis Simmons, College Success Motivational speaker and author who has written several books on the topic starting with How to Bring Your “A” Game.  

There is no age that is too early or too late to develop good study habits.  As a matter of fact, my son and daughter, Joey and Selah, work on their study habits now and our goal is to by the end of this Kindergarten and 2nd grade school year that they will be able to complete their homework independently and grow in their love for reading.  Kantis and I agree that completing college does not make you rich nor is it a pre-requisite for success because we know many people who are successful who either didn’t go or drop out of college.  We do know that “Studying to Show Thyself Approved…” is in the Bible and know that developing good study habits is Wealth.  

#3 Build a Study Chamber.  Where you study is just as important as how you study and when you study.  Kantis made me pause to think with these trigger questions, why do we study in bed where we sleep?  Why do we study at the kitchen table where we eat? Neither the bed nor the kitchen tables were meant to be places for study;therefore you should build a study chamber and I couldn’t agree more.  We have an area at home for Joey and Selah to take tutoring in; but will convert and dedicate an area as the “Study Chamber”.  You have to watch the video to get the detailed analysis Kantis gave on this topic.  It was enough to make me go, “hmmm” and change immediately where we read, study, and grow our minds in my house.  

FOR PARENTS, Entrepreneurs and Wealth Producers 

I am on a mission to help Entrepreneurs Build Wealth Through Business 

Giving them the tools to Find the Problem, Solve the Problem, and Know What they Need to Achieve the (it)that will lead them to a limitless life.  

Imagine your child attending the college they desired without you having to take out a student loan or tap into their 503(b) plan because their college was funded by scholarships and free money.  This segment I have self titled, Wealthier Kids.  The middle class is so large and doesn’t come with a dollar amount or clear description, it is the people that are not considered poor and not considered rich.  In the middle class home, I grew up within my Mom led the way for us kids and reminded me ever so often that although we lived in a “nice neighborhood” we were poor middle class people.  I attended public school, and received an Ichibon education from schools such as Martin Luther King elementary (formerly Harbor View) and William M. Raines High School, ichibon #1 was our school motto driven into our minds by our principal Jimmy Johnson, Guidance Counselor and Teachers like Franklin Smith, Judith Fackler, Mr. Longmire, Mr. White, Gayle Holley and Deborah Norman to mention a few.  

I was blessed to have Wealth instilled in my mind by school leaders like Joan D. Spaulding, Principal of MLK elementary and now Soror and all my first through fifth grade teachers, who I can name one by one.  Thinking back I sit in this realization… 

Wealth is Defined in your Mind, and starts in your Mind versus your bank account .  

Knowing that there is free money out there is one thing, but we should mandate our children to seek free money that will pay for their college education because college debt freedom is a reality and not simply a possibility.  You must seek the funds you need; there are so many opportunities as shared by Kantis during our conversation.  

I encourage parents and students starting from sophomore year in high school to follow Kantis at and watch this series to become Wealthier because wealth is within you.  Learn how to: … 

  • Own your first rental property and be a landlord in college.    
  • Make it through College Tuition-Free 
  • Complete a FASFA form  
  • Avoid your child going into debt before they get their first real job  
  • Create a School Success for our children

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