For Entrepreneurs: Buying a Home

What the Seller is Thinking and How to Win the Bid as an Entrepreneur.

Buying a Home is Not Easy for an Entrepreneur.

This eXpert Advice is For Entrepreneurs: Buying a Home – Who Want to Know What the Seller is Thinking and How to Win the Bid?

We have the Secrets to What Sellers are thinking and want to help you get the home of your dreams!

Buying a Home in a Market that has low home inventory, low property inventory, and rising interest rates, Sellers with lots of choices, and Lenders with stricter requirements does not make buying a home when you’re an entrepreneur any less Taxing (I had to say tax…I couldn’t help myself, I’m an Accountant, for real).

I have helped my clients, who are Entrepreneurs and Wealth Producers purchase millions in homes and real estate. I also have helped them buy businesses as well, because one of my expert superpowers is business transaction advisory: Buying, Selling, Mergers and Acquisition.

This means, I help my clients Buy Businesses in addition to helping them have all the keys they need as entrepreneurs to buy homes.

Sometimes entrepreneurs just don’t know what they don’t know…

How an Entrepreneur can prepare for a faster closing?
How to Eliminate the Financing Wild Card?
How to Eliminate the Seller Wild card when Buying a Home?
What documents will the bank ask for when applying for a home loan?

I have helped Entrepreneurs with Tax Returns that reported huge losses or tax deductions. I have even helped entrepreneurs with past bankruptcies get financing.

In this home buying market, you need to have at TWO experts to ensure you get the home:

An eXperienced Accountant who helps Entrepreneurs get Approved Bank Loans and An eXperienced Real Estate Agent who knows how to move in this market.

I am speaking to my go to Real Estate experts: brokers, agents, investors, mortgagers and bankers to help you have a one-Up and WIN the offer, plus the bank Approval.

Watch my next episode with Robyn Amos, Real Estate Agent who started a business in a recession / pandemic or go to my website to get the powerful advice from last week’s episode with Kenya Edwards, Real Estate Associate Broker and Agent.

You can find this episode and much more on our website blog. Click this link and after watching the episode grab the downloads…

How to PreQualify yourself for a Home Loan, as an Entrepreneur? And look for my Guides..How to calculate your Debt-to-Income ratio?

And Know how much home the Bank will qualify you for based on your Tax Return?

We are eXFinancial… we help entrepreneurs and wealth producers who want to Pocket More Profit and live a wealthier unlimited life.

Avoid Business Financial And Tax Problems