How Wealth Producers Buy Toys Differently for Their Kids

How Wealth Producers Buy Toys Differently for their Kids (REPLAY)

Wealth Producers Buy Toys Differently

The difference between the Haves and the Have Nots is, they buy toys differently.

How to position, leverage and build wealth through business, through Generations

What if I told you that Wealth is NOT in YOUR BANK account… Wealth is in YOUR MIND? What would be your response?

I am going to ask my Partner is Mind-Set, Attorney Ebony Lucas @EbonytheCloser Managing Attorney at The Closing Firm, this question over coffee today.

Ebony is a Mom-Preneur like me, and prayed this prayer over her son after her real life OPRAH moment…

She prayed, “I dont ever want my son to ever have to feel (it), the difference in the lifestyle, if I am not making as much money…”

I am pausing in my “ENTREPRENEUR Fine’Nanced – How to Get Homes, Assets and More using Seed Money” series. I have spoken to a host of experts who have given great knowledge and tools in the past few episodes. Some of which, who will be with me in Tulum, MX October 7-10 for the Wealth and Wellness Experiences.

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