Million Dollar Hit Business Secrets

What do you think makes a MILLION DOLLAR BUSINESS HIT?

I interviewed Lorenzo Wyche this morning Million$ Hit Maker for many Restaurant Brands and he had a strong piece of advice that I want to share because I know it will help ENTREPRENEURS and ANYOONE who is trying to reach a goal >>>> GET THERE Faster!

The Baron of Brunch Talks to Spiceda on Business Convos and Coffee Live

Would you like to work with an eXpert?

The advice Lorenzo gave, I apply in my business, and know it to be truth, as an Accountant, Business Advisor, and Entrepreneur.

Lorenzo is a million dollar HIT BUSINESS MAKER.

He is a Restauranteur who has help created over 60 brands through his consulting firm, Lorenzo Wyche Restaurants.

He is now one of the co-owners of The Breakfast Boys near Atlanta airport in Historic College Park.

I got the blessing of having coffee with him during my weekly show Business Convos and Coffee. What I grabbed from my conversation with Lorenzo, “Mentors don’t have to be Friends. And Get a Friend if you want someone to Talk to About Your Problems”

Hey Friend! I just happen to have friends that are eXperts. Lol! You have to watch the video to get this statement. [Lorenzo Wyche and Spiceda Jackson, CEO Enjoying a meal at The Breakfast Boys in Historic College Park one of his brands, which is right around the corner from the home of eXFinancial, Inc. We Love Historic College Park!

During this lunch, Lorenzo had this message for my Team…

I always have a restaurant analogy for my team because I believe Restaurants have pretty awesome processes that lead to great experiences for their customers. Daily, minute by minute the Team at the TaxPLUS365 we are always striving to develop processes that make our clients feel at ease and taken care of… it’s a part of our experience.

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