Turning Your Passion to be Healthier and Wealthier into a Business

How Choosing Sea Moss made Plantbased Jeff Healthier and Wealthier, Blessed him TWICE


Our CEO and Founder Spiceda spent an hour talking Plantbased BUSINESS with Jeff Austin Founder of Plantbased Jeff. Who was triggered to start a Sea Moss business after losing 60 lbs himself on a plantbased diet and using Sea Moss. He says, “I was selling HOPE to the people”, and the answer to a healthier life.

Every Entrepreneur has a story and Jeff Austin, aka Plantbased Jeff is no different. His difference is that his business changed his life TWICE!

Sea Moss Boss, Jeff Austin has lost over 50 lbs on a Sea Moss diet. He fell in love with sea moss products and its 92 benefits.  He became known as PlantBased Jeff, which is how his journey began into entrepreneurship.

Spiceda met Jeff at a Christmas party at her home and he was a ONE man operation.  

He has grown since that time. 

Jeff’s story is one of triumphs that  is filled with many lessons that will help entrepreneurs grow at all stages of their business.  

Jeff’s journey into health, wealth, and entrepreneurship was built after he finished working a Corporate 9 to 5.   He business has been hus side hustle; but you wouldn’t know it from watching him and the fruits of his labor.  

Jeff is also an international speaker and you can join him at The  Wealth and Wellness Experience October 7-10, 2022 in Tulum, which Spiceda and Ebony Lucas are hosting! 

If you want to know how you too can take your passion from zero to multi-six in 12 months! Watch!

If you’re interested in Going Vegan, Watch!

There are great ips in this episode on:

  • How to get started Vegan?  
  • Owning a Vegan business? and
  • How to make your dreams about business a reality? 

The quick answer per Jeff, Ebony and Spiceda… You must  work toward them!


Video: Watch this Video Clip from the Full Interview. You can’t Affirm Yourself to Everything, when you’re starting a business while working for someone else’s you have to WORK.

During the first 20 minutes of the interview, Spiceda is joined by co-host of the Wealth and Wellness Experience, Ebony Lucas as she shares about her journey into a healthier life and her why for the forming the team for the Wealth and Wellness Experience this October 2022 in Tulum (www.wealthandwellnessexp.com for more information and tickets)


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