The Journey to Tax Freedom

The journey is Tax Freedom,let’s figure out if you’re losing money, and losing out on tax deductions together with our new segments I’m bringing out called wealthy seas, and wealthy readers. And as a matter of fact, while we run this commercial, I’m going to need to grab my readers. So you guys, meet me here in just 30 seconds? All right, listen. So we’re here. And I talked about on my blog last week, the three ways to master ways to wealth on my blog, just last week. Now, I gave you the three ways to wealth. But today, I want to talk about journeying into the land of Tax Freedom, can we get a full screen in production? If we’re not going to have anything over to the side? Yay. Thank you. All right. So I want to talk to you guys specifically today about tax mastery. And I’m not saying tax mastery in a way that you need to become a tax person, right. But one of the ways to wealthy and getting the journey to wealth and freedom. And Tax Freedom is really really guys about this one thing, strategy. There’s no difference in tax preparation, anybody can prepare your taxes. But tax strategy is what you apply to your individual tax situation. Okay. And it’s important that you apply the strategy that is specifically for you. Now, I had a conversation this week with a mom who Nora, and she’s a seven figure mom. And we just plainly said, and we were entertaining people around us, unbeknownst to us. But we simply said that the journey to seven figures, and the tax journey to seven figures can sometimes feel like bondage, right? If you’re growing your business, even in six figures, no matter what it is, it’s time to figure it out. 

X-Figure Fix 

Whether you’re making bad figures as 10,090 $9,999, or whether you’re making six figures, which is 100,000 to $999,000 $999 to a million, even worse, so And let me say this, you can make it to a million dollars with no strategy. Okay, but how do you keep that million? You need strategy? And so let me say this, the one thing that the tax law was designed for is business owners and commerce. We do live in the United States of America, the land of the free and the home of the brave, but everybody as we know, because it’s black history, most of them go to the side that everyone hasn’t always been free. And today, many of us still are not free. We are tied to the wage and we are tied to chasing money. Right? And I want you guys to have freedom under the tax law. Okay, because God did mean for us to be so stressed out about taxes. 

Even the word says in the Bible, render Caesar what is Caesar’s you know, we’re gonna talk about the tax man, pay your taxes, right? But I was in conversation this morning with my husband, and I realized Jesus paid his taxes from the mouth of a fish. Did y’all hear me? If you’re out there and you’re watching this on replay, put fish for me in the comment section. 

Jesus paid his taxes from the mouth of a fish and so can you okay and What does your fish look like? Have you gone fishing today? If you’re in business, have you gone fishing today? We can say in business that this is your customer? Have you gone out for customers? Have you collected all your money? Have you captured? All of your tax deductions captured them? Okay, so that the tax man, and the tax expense doesn’t capture you, and keep you from freedom. Okay. Also make sure yeah, they thank you for participating. All right, fish, I think in the comment, let’s talk about how do we collect our fish, so we could capture the deductions and keep our money so that our money can keep growing to wealth, so that we can stay in the black. Let me show y’all my chirp, stay in the black or stay in the black and reach your ex.

 Okay. My company is called ex financial, we help businesses at any figure that are growing and feeling out of shape, get financing fine, so that you can get access to capital so that your taxes does not hurt. And so that we can keep it simple for you so that you can grow on. 

All right, I have, I have something that I created this year that I want to introduce to you guys, if you’re watching this, and you want to make sure you’re reaching your ex, it’s text, and you want to reach it simply, okay, I want you to go to my website, or go to my link tree. Actually, if we can put set up link trees, you go to my link to either schedule a 10 minute session with someone on my team will interview you. But let me see if you qualify for my simple plan. And basically, we simply prepare your bookkeeping and your tax return. And you have the strategy session with me. While we review your taxes. We that’s a one time sit down fee with me. And we do your taxes. And if we don’t need to do your taxes, then we’ll review the last three years so that we can get your books in order and get you profiting and growing on. Okay, so if that’s you, I want you to go to my link tree. And let me make sure I put that here. It’s not my LinkedIn is my link tree, I think let me see if I could get the link tree up for you guys. Because obviously the production they thank you, thank you linktree Space theta. Okay, so I want you to link sweet space cedar, if that is you, so that I can help you and we can connect. 

All right. So the two things that you need to have on your journey that will help you move towards Tax Freedom is understanding your tax situation and meeting with an accountant to develop a strategy, right? Those that paid the least in taxes are those that have strategy, they’re not listening to their friend, they’re not following the advice of their of that someone gave them or even their business bestie. Because everybody’s what worked for them does not necessarily work for you. tax advice is just like medicine, you must take your own, you must get your own strategy, because that person can have kids that are in college, and you may not have any kids, that person may own their home, and you don’t own a home. That person spouse may be an entrepreneur, and yours is not. So everybody’s strategy is different. 

So one of the ways that you reach your take the journey, we want to grab a map, and your strategy is your map. So let’s first get the map that applies to you. All right, if you don’t have a map and you want to have a map, then just linktree me, I’ll be happy to work with you. I provide a map, a brief little map with everyone that we do taxes with, because we don’t just prepare taxes. we strategize on taxes because I want you guys to reach the land of Tax Freedom, what to take the journey to Tax Freedom and actually land in wealthy places, wealthier places, if this is you and you want to land in wealthier places, and you’re watching this, please put in a comment for me wealthy places. 

Wealthy Places through Real Estate and Business 

All right. I’m ready to take you guys to wealthy places. One of the ways to get there is through real estate. Okay, real estate. I talk about business all the time. And you know, and business is the second way to get there. So we wanted to In the journey to wealthy places, some of the places that we have this up along the way is real estate, understanding how our home can help us. Our apartment can help us acquiring real estate can help us lower our taxes and rich Tax Freedom. 

Through Business 

Okay, that’s one way. The second way is through business. Okay, business, every expense, everything that you expend in business, all the money that you expend in business, incur in business, and obligate yourself to in business is tax free. Did you know that everything that you incur in business, expand in business, and obligate yourself to in business with your money, all the money that you do incur, expand and obligate, it is tax free? 

Is this Business Expense Tax Free? 

I get the question all the time. Hey, I did this in my business. Is it tax free? The answer is yes. 

I work my business from home. Does that make my home tax free? The answer is yes. We just got to do a special calculation. The question is spicy data. 

I drive my car for business. Is my driving up my car for business tax free? The answer is yes. Okay. Everything that you incur, obligate yourself to and expend in ways of your money, all your money. Let me restate that all your money that you expend, incur and obligate your your obligates to pay in business is tax free. Y’all got that? If you got that for me, put a one in the chat. Even if you’re watching it on replay, put a one in the chat for me. All right. 

The Two (2) Pathways to Wealth and Tax Freedom is:  Real Estate and Business 

So the two ways that pathways to wealth and to and to take into wealthy journey today spreads and I will iterate and I tell you about and I implore that you would I implore that you apply, right? 

#1 Real Estate

So that you can be well on your way to Tax Freedom is real estate and business. Okay. And when I say real estate, I’m not simply just talking about buying real estate, you can be renting real estate, you can be renting the place that you stay, we all have shelter, let’s talk about how your shelter is or can be test deductible. Okay, because that is a possibility for you. 

#2 Business 

Okay, number two. The second way to Tax Freedom is business. Your Side Hustle is a business. I get so many people that you’re making money, right? And it takes money to make money. And I know that because I’m in business, even if you’re a service based business, I know that there are consultants out there, real estate agents out there, service providers, doctors, lawyers, we’re not buying inventory, we don’t have a lot of overhead, we’re essentially selling our time, right. And those of us that do that. The number one thing I hear is there are hardly any deductions for me, I don’t have any deductions, you do have deductions. You just got to talk to someone that can help you identify the tax deductions for you and help you develop a strategy that takes that income that you’re earning as a contractor or a service provider. And in a business with low overhead to structure and structure and strategize for you to journey into Tax Freedom Tax. 

Taxes is the Largest Expense you will Pay in Your Lifetime 

This is the largest expense that you will have in life. Okay, you’re gonna pay income tax, which is the biggest expense, you’ll probably pay more in income tax in your lifetime, then you actually pay for your home and your car combined. You probably will pay your pay overall more in taxes. 

Income Tax (big tax) and it’s Two Little Cousins 

Do you pay anything because taxes come with its two little cousins. The big income tax is the big cousin. And the two little cousins is sales tax and property tax. If you own a home you can pay property tax as long as that home is on some land in the good United States of America. But what I want you guys to do is x your mark, determine Know what your next financial goal is? 

Book a strategy session. Let’s not just prepare our taxes this year, let’s tax strategize. All right. I hope that this has blessed you. 

How to Work with Us and How to Apply the Information Discussed Above:  

My name is spicy to Jackson, I am CEO and founder of exponential And that’s e exponential, you can easily find it by going to our URL, accountant, this To watch more blogs and get more information like this.

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So if that’s you go to my link tree, all the links aren’t there right now. But if you go there at noon, if you go there now and it’s not there, return that today at noon, the links will be there for you to join and sign up for my tax free ich intensive. That’s coming up on March 4. And if you would like to work with me to begin to text, strategize versus tax preparer, or simply prepare your taxes, then you can go to link tree spice, Sita, the link is right there in front of you. And if you ever forget how to spell my name, just remember, if you need if you’re looking for an accountant, go to accountant, this 

I love you guys until next time, don’t Britain kick to find your path to Tax Freedom and get to strategize and Love You by.

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