Industries We Serve

Every industry is unique. Each has its own set of codes and regulations that present potential challenges to business owners. eXfinancial serves a wide range of industries with the experience specific to each. Whether your company is a small non-profit or operates on global scale, we provide the services and solutions that help you reach your goals and objectives.

We tailor our services to meet your specific needs and build a team of professionals with senior level experience in your industry. Our professionals also attend conferences, seminars, and read the journals that address the issues and challenges specific to certain industries to maintain industry knowledge.


Small & Emerging Businesses

We understand that most small and emerging businesses are challenged to handle their own accounting due to time constraints or the lack of resources or financial management expertise.

Government Entities

eXfinancial offers strategic financial and management solutions to state & local governments committed to serving their constituents.

Non-Profit Organizations

Not-for-profit organizations have their own distinguishing characteristics. While most not-for-profit organizations' resources are limited and restricted to charitable purposes, their operations must remain simplified yet efficient.

Investment Partnerships

eXfinancial is a recognized trusted advisor in the financial services area for both domestic and international clients, providing audit, tax and advisory services. Our clients trust our technical and delivery ability as well as our direction, independence and confidentiality.

Healthcare and Medical Practices

eXfinancial combines the talent and resources of one of the region's leading CPA firms with the industry expertise of healthcare finance professionals to provide a unique set of services to our clients in the healthcare industry.

Real Estate Investments

As trusted advisors to our real estate clients, we help identify financially beneficial opportunities such as favorable tax structures, like kind exchanges, available tax credits and incentives and cost savings.

Entertainment Industry

The entertainment industry presents unusual business challenges, and individuals involved in these fields require business professionals who understand their special needs. For peak performance, anyone in a creative discipline must be able to concentrate on his or her talent.

Franchises and Restaurants

The restaurant industry requires a special approach when it comes to financial planning and management. For example, it is estimated that over 80% of all new restaurants fail or change hands within two years of opening. eXfinancial is here to help you navigate this challenging industry environment.